Autumn Plate 2015

Autumn Cup winners Eclipse 2015 - Copy - Copy - Copy

“Come on boys! Get your act together!” That had to be going through the minds of the Eclipse team. Because it was all Puff Whiteley and Chris Crawford for Warren Farm in the first half. Whiteley scored early in the first chukka after a lovely pass from Crawford. Two goals by Crawford in the second chukka had Warren Farm up 3 to 0 by half time.

After some serious chat at half time, Eclipse had a change of tactics….and it worked. Mark Brown stuck to Crawford like glue, Roger Brown did the same to Whiteley and Mike Hoare and Robbie Simpson started to score goals! That’s really what it’s all about; scoring goals. Simpson drove in three, his second an incredible neck shot from the far corner; he should have tailed it back into play, but instead he went for what seemed like the impossible shot and blow me down it went in!

A goal apiece from Mark Brown and Mike Hoare put the game away, 5 to 3 in favour of Eclipse.


The Lousada Trophy 2015

We all miss Charlie Lousada who passed away on the 30th of July, 2012. What a great character and it is only fitting that his tournament is one of the better fixtures on our calendar. Sadly the weather did not behave quite how we would have wanted it to.

That said the game was pretty high scoring. Pond Farm’s Chris Crawford got the ball rolling with an early goal. CANI’s Tomy Iriate added two for his team and Louise Jebson’s team held a one goal lead at the end of the first chukka. In the second chukka Crawford found the uprights twice…as did Iriate. The teams were tied by half time due to a single goal by Ben Eeley.

Fortunately Charlie’s daughter, Sasha, had a lot of guests at the game because we needed as many pairs of feet as possible to repair the field at half time! After five to six minutes of “treading in” field 1 looked pretty good.

Onto the second half and Eeley scored a sixty yard penalty and Hector Worsley scored a field goal to increase Pond Farm’s lead. Great team work between Sam Tylor and Chris Davies allowed Iriate the chance to break free unmarked and score.

With the score 6 to 5 in favour of Pond Farm the very wet and muddy players came out for the last chukka. Crawford scored once more from the field extending the lead to two. With about a minute to go Iriate scored once again. With very little time left Jebson’s team had to hope for a little bit of luck from the line out. It was not going to happen as Crawford won the line out for his team and was able to maintain possession until the clock ran out. Final score 7 to 6.

Lousada 2015 Pond Farm winners

Budgett Everett 2015

Budgett Everett                .

The tournament was a great success, some really good games, especially in the semi-finals. Sadly the final was not a very high scoring affair. Without a doubt both Strategic and Stobart both deserved to be in the final, but I think both teams had used up their goals in the earlier matches. Most noticeably was Nick Pepper. He had a really good tournament, and in the semi-final against Snake Bite he was unstoppable. Unfortunately for Strategic he just could not score on the Sunday.

By the end of the first half the score was 2 to 1 in favour of Stobart. Strategic opened the scoring with a 30 yard penalty, scored by Matt Evetts. Charlie Walton scored twice in the second chukka…one of those goals was from a 30 yard penalty! A goalless third chukka followed. The players just could not put it through the uprights. In all fairness to both sides, both the teams had great spoilers causing all sorts of havoc to the skill players. Both Jason Warren for Stobart and Mark Brown for Strategic were wrecking machines on four legs! In fact they both had great tournaments…they had a job to do and they really did it!

In the last chukka Walton scored Stobart’s third goal with less than a minute to go. From the ensuing line out, Katie Jenkinson broke away and was on her way to goal. But the clock beat her, even though she put the ball through the goal, time had run out and the score remained 3 to 1 in favour of Stobart.

Best playing pony went to Cristian Chaves’s China who played wonderfully in the semis and also stuck out in the finals where she played some of the second chukka and most of the fourth.

ChBudgett Everett best playing pony - China (2015) Budgett Everett finalists 2 - 2015 Budgett Everett winners 2015 - Stobart

Chairman’s Trophy 2015

Considering it has been such a dry summer, we all got well and truly soaked playing the final of this one!

Rigby and Rigby started with a ½ goal start due to Matias Amaya being substituted by Mike Henderson. Not a bad choice of substitute either. In the first chukka Henderson and Jimbo Fewster combined for three goals in the first chukka. In fact Henderson went onto score his side’s fourth goal before Grant Collet put Quick Silver on the board. Collet scored once more in the last seconds of the match with a powerful nearside fore hand shot. No doubt the best goal of the game.

A pair of goals by each side in the third gave us a score of 6 ½ to 4. In the last chukka Rigby and Rigby extended their lead with a goal apiece from Jake Rigby and Archie Rutland. As the game wound down, the rain eased off and Rigby and Rigby came out on top 8 ½ to 4. A surprising large amount of goals considering the very wet conditions.Chairman's winners

Gibbs Cup 2015

Always fun to have Coppid Owls at KPPC. This game was no different. Both Coppid Owls and the hosts, La Rosada started fairly slowly, with most of the momentum coming from the visitors. By half time the score was only 1 ½ to 1 in favour Coppid Owls

Goals by Tristan Phillimore and Tomy Fernandez extended their lead in the third chukka. A single goal by Nico Fontanarrosa was all that La Rosada could do in reply.

However we have to play four chukkas to complete a game. Jimbo Fewster connected on a penalty 3 to start the fourth chukka. But Fernandez replied with his third field goal of the game. Not to be outdone, Fontanarrosa scored his third of the match. With the score at 4 ½ to 4, it looked like Coppid Owls were going to take home the silver. With very little time on the clock, the umpire rolled the ball in and all the visitors had to do was let the clock run. Somehow La Rosada won the line out moved the ball into the visitors half, create a melee, stop the clearance attempts by Phillimore’s team, get a fortunate bounce and the ball landed right in front of Fontanarrosa. The only time La Rosada had the lead the entire game was when Nico scored his fourth goal of the game with three seconds left on the clock! You would not believe it unless you saw it. La Rosada 5, Coppid Owls 4 ½.

Brooke House Trophy 2015

Air Ambulanc Day July 2015 Air Ambulance Day 12 July '15 #2 Air Ambulance day 12 July '15 Brooke House 2015 finalists 2 Brooke House 2015 sub final winners, Golden Falcons Brooke House sub r-up 2015 Las Pulgas Brooke House Winners

Under somewhat over cast skies, two Away teams, Peter Ferrari’s Quick Silver were up a very powerful Rigby and Rigby. Kirtlington Park Polo hosted its second charity day in aid of the Thames Valley Air Ambulance Service. Vanessa Whiteley did a fantastic job organising the day and at the time of writing this article the amount of money raised had exceeded all expectations. All thanks to the efforts to Vanessa and her family.

Now, back to the polo, or back to polo clinic held by Matias Amaya of Rigby and Rigby. With ample support from his team mates, Amaya scored goal after goal. By half time the score was 4 to 0 in favour of Rigby and Rigby.

At the start of the third chukka, Quick Silver got their first goal, courtesy of Peter Ferrari. Araya replied with his fourth of the game. A goal apiece by Crispin Matthews and Grant Collet made the score look far more respectable. But along came Amaya to score from the 40 yard penalty line.

In the fourth chukka, Amaya scored his sixth goal and Collet added one more for Quick Silver, and the game was over and Rigby and Rigby came out the much deserved winners by a score of 7 to 4.

Air Ambulance fundraisers 2015

Fundraisers 2015 – in aid of Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Bike Polo – June 2015

This annual event saw a fantastic crowd of people: children and adults alike; we welcomed 5 teams to the event and even had some extras for filling in spaces. The afternoon kicked off with a tough match between La Rosada and KPPC, with a close win from the former.

The runners up all played very well and pushed their bikes hard all the way to the end of each chukka: HCA Marauders, Oxfordshire and CSC Polo. Evidently the first two teams were extremely fit and able-bodied enough for a 10 minute chukka; however this time didn’t bode so well for the preceding teams, hence the shortening of chukkas to just 7 minutes!

A few bicycle casualties included: loose handlebars, disconnected brakes and one severely bent wheel (sorry Chris Crawford!)

So our final saw another solid match between the Argentine grooms and they all were very determined to win but eventually the strong band of La Rosada’s boys: Edgar, Jesus, Jose and Maxi, were awarded the trophy!

The event was tremendously successful, raising £373 – featuring delicious pizza as always, supplied by my friend at LucaBuca and a large supply of bar refreshments by The Oxford Bar Company.

Lunch, polo and raffle – July 2015

The hog roast lunch, raffle and 2 polo matches were topped off by a beautiful day of sun and summer breezes.

Just after midday the clouds parted over Kirtlington Park and made way for an incredible turnout of over 100 people; I was in awe of the great crowd and the generosity shown by everyone involved, including those who couldn’t attend the event.

We started off with a cracking game between Rigby&Rigby and Quicksilver – who battled it out for the Brooke House Trophy in what seemed an everlasting match between these two very strong sides. Finally, Jake Rigby’s Rigby&Rigby came out on top as winners of this fast-paced and thrilling final, beating Peter Ferrari’s Quicksilver.

The lunch continued through the afternoon and towards the end we held a very exciting raffle with some brilliant prizes including: a polo lesson with Melissa Wadley of Kirtlington Park Polo School and a photo shoot with Kim Ethell Photography. We finally decided to auction the top prize, very kindly donated by Mr and Mrs Watts: 3 nights away for 4 people at Whitelake Farm in North Devon, which was bid for by two keen ladies and ended up landing with Miss O’Flaherty-Hilder’s £270 bid.

There were over 20 prizes donated, so thank you to everyone for their kind contributions. We were glad to welcome many newcomers to polo and hope they will visit again soon.

Many thanks also, to Charlie Budgett for letting me use his marquee, chairs and tables and also to Simon and Dave Tricker without whom none of our guests would have been fed or watered!

Bring on next year’s events!